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The Stray Pitch

by Marilyn Bos     Illustrator Nancy Allan

Born into a family of thieves, Wendy Winkworth becomes a private investigator because "you don't go to jail if you're caught." In 1950, 24-year old Wendy is hired by the mobster/owner of the Star Spangled Girls Baseball League to infiltrate the Burton City Hornettes and find the murderer of its star pitcher, a blonde bombshell of amazing physical powers and influence. First problem: Wendy's not much of a ballplayer. Second: She finds that lust, jealousy, greed, and deception are as much a part of the roster as she is. Then another body turns up. Somewhere out there a cold-blooded killer is taking practice swings with a Louisville slugger destined for Wendy's skull.

Paperback, 368 pages

Published October 1st 2012 by Flat Sole Studio

ISBN 1938237021 (ISBN13: 9781938237027)

Switching Sides

by Marilyn Bos     Illustrator Nancy Allan

While searching for a wayward music student, PI Wendy Winkworth is assaulted by a savage police sergeant. Escaping bruised and battered, she seeks refuge with two low-life teens who seem headed for tragedy. With the vengeful cop in hot pursuit, Wendy is about to learn what truth and justice really mean.

Paperback, 382 pages

Published May 1st 2016 by Winks Books

ISBN  1938237196 (ISBN13: 9781938237195)

Bubbles, Roses, and Rump

by Marilyn Janice Bos     Illustrator Nancy Allan

When 25-year-old Wendy Winkworth decides to take a break from her PI business and visit her brother in Bern, Illinois, she simply wants to catch up on family affairs. Soon family affairs have her in over her head. She's hired by a teacher to find out if his ex-con mother is going to show up and ruin his chances of marrying the love of his life and the richest girl in town. Wendy's mechanic brother appears to be thieving on the side. And the local sheriff is trailing her, either because he likes her looks or because he wants her to stop looking too closely at what's going on in town. Then two young men die and a boy goes missing, and Wendy is plunged into a murder investigation that may make her the next victim.

Paperback, 346 pages
Published March 1st 2014 by Flat Sole Studio

ISBN  1938237129 (ISBN13: 9781938237126)



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